About Us

Forensic Testing Services (FTS) is a Williamston, MI company dedicated to providing high quality proficiency test kits to forensic laboratories throughout the world. As a leader in the sale and support of forensic test kits that include simulated case samples (such as low explosives, gunshot residue and hairs), FTS helps laboratories ensure that their methodologies are yielding accurate results. Currently, over 150 forensic laboratory systems in 27 countries utilize FTS as a forensic proficiency test provider.

FTS was founded in 2007 at the urging of forensic quality managers when another forensic proficiency provider, Quality Forensics, ceased operation and laboratories were without a provider of an external proficiency test in explosives analysis. A subsidiary of Forensic Science Consultants, Inc., a full service private forensic laboratory, FTS is uniquely positioned among proficiency tests providers with a full service laboratory enabling in-house analysis and rigorous quality control testing. FTS is also unique in our personnel, tests are prepared by forensic experts currently working in the discipline. Test preparation follows the Trace Evidence Proficiency Testing Guidelines drafted by the Scientific Working Group for Materials Analysis (SWGMAT) and ASCLD-LAB criteria.

In 2008, FTS expanded our proficiency test offerings, focusing on disciplines that are inadequately covered by other forensic test providers. In June of 2008, the ASCLD/LAB board of directors designated FTS as an approved proficiency test provider for all of our standard proficiency tests in trace evidence. These tests include Tape Examination, Bulb Examination for On/Off, Chemical Unknowns, Gunshot Residue, Low Order Explosives and the Microscopic Examination of Hair.

In 2009, the ASCLD/LAB board of directors approved an additional FTS test in Basic Hair Screening intended for analysts who perform limited microscopic hair examinations and do not compare and exclude human hairs from subsequent DNA analysis due to microscopic characteristics in relation to a known source.

In 2012, the ASCLD/LAB board of directors approved additional FTS tests in Clandestine Laboratory Chemical (Drug Chemistry Discipline) and Physical (Fracture) Match. All new tests were developed at the request of our customers.

FTS strives for constant improvement in our forensic proficiency testing services. Our in-house quality control analysis by qualified scientists is essential for production of tests in disciplines in which it would be otherwise impossible to produce a homogeneous test. FTS is currently preparing for accreditation under ISO/IEC 17043:2010.